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'어메리칸 우먼'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2013.04.12 레즈비언 러버 무죄판결
2013.04.12 13:12 내가 본 미국

과연 무엇이 사랑일까?
사랑이 지나쳐서 우리인간이 저지를 수 있는 최악의 죄를 저지르고 만다. 아래사진 우측에 있는 Ashleigh는 자라면서 자신이 레즈비언임을 알게 된다. 그녀는 아래사진 좌측의 Nicky와 수퍼마켓에서 일을 하다가 만나서 사랑에 빠진다. Nicky는 Ashleigh보다 열살 이상 연상인데 이미 Dennis 라는 보이 프렌드와 오랫동안 사귀고 있었다. 보이 프렌드 Dennis는 여자들이 서로 사랑하는 것을 그리 게의치 않은 모양인데 Ashleigh가 Nicky가 살고 있는 집으로 들어와서 살게 되자 그제서야 그 여자 둘 사이에서 팽팽하게 줄을 당기면서 놓아주지 않는다. DennisNicky 집에서 자신의 집으로 돌아갈 생각을 하지 않는다. Ashleigh는 방문 앞에서 Dennis가 돌아가기만을 초조하게 기다린다. Nicky 집에는 다른 룸메이트 남자도 한명 살고 있었다. 레즈비언 Ashleigh는 Nicky와 단란하게 살기를 원하지만 삼각관계는 쉽게 풀릴 기미가 보이지 않는다. 그런 와중에 사건이 발생했다. Nicky의 보이 프렌드 Dennis가 Nicky의 침대에서 도끼로 잔인하게 살해되었다. 누가 범인으로 주목될까? 먼저 용의자에서 베제된 사람은 같이 살고 있던 룸메이트였다. 삼각관계에 있던 레즈비언 Ashleigh가 범인으로 주목되는 것은 눈을 감고도 알 수가 있다. 그런데 결과는 그렇지 않았다.

Ashleigh Pechaluk, right, was found not guilty of all charges stemming from the Oct. 27, 2006, bludgeoning death of Dennis Hoy, 36, while he slept in the bed of his long-time girlfriend Nicola 'Nicky' Puddicombe, left.

레즈비언 Ashleigh(위사진우측)는 3년 반동안 감옥에 있었는데 결국은 무죄판결을 받았고 대신 Nicky(위사진좌측)가 감옥행이 되었다.

Not guilty in axe-murder trial

A woman was acquitted today of murdering her lover's boyfriend in a bizarre love triangle.

A jury found Ashleigh Pechaluk, 24, not guilty of all charges stemming from the Oct. 27, 2006, bludgeoning death of Dennis Hoy, 36, while he slept in the bed of his long-time girlfriend Nicola 'Nicky' Puddicombe.

Pechaluk, who has been in custody since that day, almost 3 1/2 years in jail, was freed at 4 p.m. after the jury rendered its verdict.

She hugged her lawyers Peter Zaduk and Kristine Connidis and then embraced her mother Bev Salton for several moments as both women shook with emotion.

In summing up the prosecution case earlier yesterday, Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto called Puddicombe "a master manipulator who carried on sexual relationships with Dennis Hoy and Ashleigh Pechaluk at the same time."

The jury, which began its deliberations at 3 p.m. Monday, returned its verdict after four days of deliberations. Crown attorneys Tom Lissaman and Maureen Bellmore argued that Pechaluk is the axe-wielding assassin who killed Hoy in a plot executed by her and Puddicombe, so that the lesbian lovers would be free of his meddling.

Pechaluk, 24, maintained her innocence, saying she never intended to kill Hoy. Once she rejected the scheme at the last hour, she testified that Puddicombe alone murdered him. Her co-workers universally liked the easy-going Pechaluk, who once aspired to become a police officer.

Benotto had said the jury members must first understand the dynamics of the love triangle of Puddicombe, Hoy and Pechaluk, her lover of 13 months, before they could decide if the prosecution had proved its case against Pechaluk.

"Puddicombe had Ashleigh Pechaluk believing she (Puddicombe) was being forced to have sex with Dennis Hoy," said Benotto in her charge yesterday.

"She wanted to pump up Ashleigh into a frenzy of hate, so that she could kill Dennis Hoy," said Benotto. Hoy was found bludgeoned to death by an axe as he slept in Puddicombe's bed.

Puddicombe convinced Pechaluk that Hoy, a GO Transit officer and her boyfriend for 11 years, was a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels motorcyle gang, a killer and a drug dealer, said Benotto. Pechaluk also believed that Hoy "controlled Puddicombe," although there's "no evidence of that (or Hoy's criminal activities)," said Benotto.

The lesbian couple also indicated the timing was perfect since Hoy had recently had his car tires slashed and was sleeping at their home. The women wanted the police to search for an assassin who'd invaded their home to kill Hoy.

Pechaluk divulged details of the murder scheme to co-worker and confidante Sarah Sousa, who became a key Crown witness. Sousa knew inside details of the plan, including what Puddicombe would tell the 911 operator and police and where the assassin would have found a murder weapon inside their Queensway Ave. home.

Puddicombe, now 36, will go on trial, starting on Monday at Superior Court in front of Benotto. The trial is expected to last six weeks.


참고 : http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoandgta/2009/06/04/9679531.html

Boyfriend in female lovers' way, trial told

Ashleigh Pechaluk loved Nicola Puddicombe and dreamed of marrying her.

But Dennis Hoy, Puddicombe's boyfriend of 11 years, stood in the way, a murder trial was told yesterday.

So the two women concocted a plan to kill the 36-year-old man with an axe as he slept in Puddicombe's bed, prosecutor Tom Lissaman told a jury.

It was a scheme Pechaluk, then 22, described in detail to a friend, right down to the 911 call her lover would make to fool police, Lissaman alleged at the opening of Pechaluk's first-degree murder trial yesterday.

"He was bludgeoned to death as he lay naked and asleep in his girlfriend's bed," Lissaman said.

The plan was for Puddicombe to phone police to say she had just come out of the shower and was surprised by Hoy's bloodied body, the prosecutor said.

She was to say Hoy was a Hells Angel, was being followed and that his tires had been slashed. That is strikingly similar to what Puddicombe did tell police, Lissaman said.

At 12:45 a.m. on Oct. 27, 2006, police responded to Puddicombe's 911 call and arrived at the apartment she shared with Pechaluk and a male roommate on The Queensway near Park Lawn Rd.

Hoy was face down in Puddicombe's bed. The axe was nearby.

Puddicombe, 36, soon faces her own first-degree murder trial.

Her motive "may have been slightly different from Ashleigh's," Lissaman said, adding that she stood to gain $250,000 from Hoy's life insurance and pension policies.

Pechaluk met Puddicombe at the Loblaws grocery store at Victoria Park Ave. and Gerrard St. E., where they were both worked. They soon were lovers.

Pechaluk's private journals show she was obsessed with Puddicombe, and frustrated by Hoy being around, Lissaman said.

Pechaluk confided to fellow Loblaws part-timer Sarah Sousa that Hoy was interfering in their relationship and forbidding them to see each other, the prosecutor said.

Several months before the murder, she told Sousa she and Puddicombe had plans to buy a house, get married and have children, but they could never be together unless Hoy was gone, Lissaman said. "Ashleigh started talking about ways of killing Dennis."

A week before the slaying, she told Sousa that she planned to enter Puddicombe's bedroom when Hoy was asleep and hit him on the head with a baseball bat. She said they would make it look as if someone came in through a window.

When police arrived, the kitchen's sliding door was open. Hoy's blood was found near the handle of the adjacent sliding door as if to suggest the killer escaped that way.

"The evidence will show that this is not what occurred," Lissaman said.

The trial continues.

참고 : http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2009/04/15/boyfriend_in_female_lovers_way_trial_told.html

Axe murderer convicted of killing long-time boyfriend to be with lesbian lover appeals life sentence

Natalie Alcoba | 13/01/30 | Last Updated: 13/01/31 10:26 AM ET

The appeal of a woman convicted in her boyfriend’s axe murder, a crime allegedly driven by a complicated love triangle, hinges in part on the instructions given to a Superior Court jury.

Nicola Puddicombe was found guilty in 2009 of first-degree murder in the slaying of her long-time partner, Dennis Hoy.

The sensational case — which took a dramatic twist when it emerged that Puddicombe’s former lesbian lover actually confessed to the crime, then retracted her story in court — moved to the Court of Appeal Wednesday, where the accused’s lawyer argued Justice Mary Lou Benotto should have been clearer in her instructions to the jury on when to consider certain statements that implicated Puddicombe, and when to disregard them.

Mr. Hoy’s father, Norman Hoy, sat in the first row, listening intently.

Puddicombe, who is now around 40, was sentenced to life in prison after the court heard she orchestrated a plan to kill her boyfriend of 11 years to collect a life insurance policy and be with her lover, Ashleigh Pechaluk.

The Crown accused Ms. Pechaluk of wielding the axe that killed Mr. Hoy as he slept in Puddicombe’s bed in October 2006, but in a separate trial, she was acquitted. For legal reasons, Ms. Pechaluk’s tearful, videotaped police confession — in which she told police Puddicombe played no role in the slaying — was excluded from her own trial, but played during Puddicombe’s. On the stand, however, Ms. Pechaluk denied killing Mr. Hoy and said she had only been trying to protect her former lover.

The appeal arguments centre around key witness Sarah Sousa, who testified that Ms. Pechaluk told her of the plot she and Puddicombe had hatched to kill Mr. Hoy.

“Ashleigh would be the one to physically hit him in the head and Nikki would be the one to call the cops,” she told the court in 2009.

Puddicombe’s lawyer, David Harris, argued the trial judge did not adequately warn the jury that while it could consider Ms. Sousa’s testimony when considering whether a conspiracy had occurred, it could not consider it when determining whether Puddicombe was a part of the plan.

The case speaks to problems with the way juries are instructed to deliberate on conspiracy cases involving two people, Mr. Harris argued, urging the Court of Appeal to alter the approach.

Hearsay evidence presented only to determine whether or not a conspiracy occurred between two people could later “tempt” the jury to convict an individual of having participated in the crime, he said.

“This is just too much for a jury to handle. They cannot comprehend what is virtually incomprehensible, lawyers and judges dancing madly on the head of a pin,” Mr. Harris said. “They’re not morons… but they’re not robots either.”

Ontario and federal Crown attorneys said the current method works well.

If Mr. Harris’s argument is true and the instructions are too complicated, “then we have to rethink our [entire] system,” as juries are expected to follow all sorts of instructions, argued federal Crown attorney Iona Jaffe. “We have faith in juries.”

The appeal is being heard before Justices David Doherty, Marc Rosenberg, Janet Simmons, Robert Armstrong and Michael Tulloch.

National Post

참고: http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/01/30/axe-murderer-appeals-conviction-denies-killing-long-time-boyfriend-to-be-with-lesbian-lover/

내용의 이해를 위해 자료들을 올렸는데 천천히 읽어보길 바린다. 영어공부를 한다면 내가 말한 내용을 생각하고 그냥 죽 한번 읽으면서 넘어가라. 위글 중에 죽은 남자친구가 개를 안고 있는 사진 바로 아래에 "she orchestrated a plan to kill her boyfriend~" 이런 글이 있다. orchestra라는 단어에 익숙할텐데 여기서 그 단어를 동사로 쓴것을 볼 수 있다. 재미있는 단어이다. 그치?

위의 글 내용 중에는 없지만 Nicky가 감옥행이 되기까지는 조금 긴박한 상황이 있었다. 레즈비언의 사랑은 아마도 보통 사람들이 갖는 사랑보다 더 진한것 같다. Ashleigh는 끝까지 자신이 사랑하면서 같이 살고 싶어했던 Nicky를 보호했는데 나중에 Nicky가 자신을 이용했다는 것을 알아차리게 된다.

어떻게 그 사실을 알게 되었을까?


Nicky가 Ashleigh와 섹스를 하면서도 보이 프렌드 Dennis와도 섹스를 했다.

그런데 기가 막힐 일은 Nicky가 임신을 했는데 그 아이가 누구의 아이였을까?

보기 전에 예상을 해봐!


흐아~ 어메리칸 우먼!~@

Nicky는 보이프렌드 앞으로 된 보험료를 타기위해 범행을 계획했다니!

미국사람들만 이런것이 아니다.
이런 것들을 이렇게 직접 보지 않을때까지는 우리 인간이 이토록 나쁘다는 생각을 하지 못했다.
회개(repentance, repent)하는 시간 말고 생각(Thinking)하는 시간 갖는다.
사랑만 하고 살자!
Faith라는 단어가 떠오른다.

아래 글 안에 Faith와 face를 어떻게 발음하는지 올린적이 있다. 참고로 해라

posted by 써니의 뉴욕노트 & 잭스피킹 호흡영어

posted by Sunny in New York

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